Share Achievements of Kids

We all have young achievers at our home. Yes!!! I am talking about our kids. They are achieving one or other small or big thing every other day. Their achievements do get recognized in their schools or similar forums. But all of us want to share these pride moments with more and more people. Here is a platform for to share achievements of kids in right format.

How to do it? Simple!!! Bring out your writing skills, and write a story of this achievement in approximately 300 to 500 your own words. Describe the event in detail. What all your child did as a part of preparation for that event? Details of actual event. How did you feel while being there? And finally how did your child and you feel after the achievement? You can also include accolades from others. Consolidate all this in a simple story.

If you have clicked photographs of the events, there is no better place than this story. Include those in your write up at appropriate location with a good caption.

One simple thing we will keep in mind, we are appreciating achievement of our kid, but we will ensure we are also recognizing effort of all the competitors simultaneously. Other competitors of the event are also going to be kids, hence their efforts are also recognizable.

Share Achievement of Kids

If you want to publish your details as an author, send it along with you photographs.

Here is summary to share achievemnts of kids:

·         Good title to story

·         Story body detailing all you want to write

·         Photographs

·         Author details (if you want publish)

If you have something else which is good to share, and can help others, follow similar rule for that story as well.

Send this story in a word document to

That’s it!! We will go through your story and suggest any changes, if at all required. After correction, Story will be published. We will send you link of it.

How do we take it to larger audience through our wider reader base through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. You can also publish it to the forums you want. Isn’t it simple?

So rush your stories now and let your child shine on Social Network also.

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