What is YoungIris?

Becoming a parent is a wonderful event in our life. May be as a mother or a father, this event has joy, excitement, and ability to change one’s life completely. Life is definitely no more the same as that used to be before becoming a parent. That is why all of us are excited, curious and anxious about it. But, at the back of our mind we are also little bit worried. We are also cautious. There is something that makes all of us serious when we think of becoming a parent. What is it?

It is a doubt – Will I be the best mother/father/parent for my child? Have I got ability to grow a child? Will I do justice to my child? There are many other questions that keep on coming to our mind. All these questions are again about the ability to nurture the child properly, to grow her into a best person.

There is nothing wrong in these thoughts. These are coming because we want to do best as a parent. We want to see our child to be the happiest. We want to see our child growing well into a best person. To achieve it, we are ready to do anything. But, we don’t know if whatever we are doing is correct, is going to give exactly the desired result? It may take years sometimes to see the actual result. When the result comes, it is too late, we can’t take corrective action.

Some of us are lucky to have someone experienced around to advice, help, and suggest during the course of parenthood. Again, if you are lucky enough to have experienced someone! Many of us face this challenge single handedly or with spouse. For them, it is like climbing a mountain. No way to run, just keep on doing. What these people will do? Is there any help available for them? Can we help them?

The answer is – Yes!!! What if we, the experienced parents, share our experiences with each other? Many of us have gone through the parenthood, and have gone through different experiences while growing our children. Why not share these experiences with those who are new parents, or going to become new parents? We may not be experts, but we must be having tips that have helped us in certain situation, and which may help others in similar situation. It may be the case that it will not work exactly the same, but definitely it will provide some guideline, some hint.

In YoungIris.com, let us share our parenting experiences, parenting tips with each other. On this platform, we bring out our best tips that changed life of our child, and made our child and us the happiest. Let us join hands together and make parenting an enjoyable activity for all the parents, and fill the life of our bundle of joy with happiness. Happy Parenting!!!

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