When a Child Starts Crawling…

Isn’t it a joyful event to watch your bundle of joy moving around? The whole family cherishes these moments. Parents always eagerly wait to watch their baby crawling. How to encourage this activity? What are the advantages of encouraging physical activities? What problems you may face? How to prepare house for this?


Teach Your Child to Crawl

What??? Do you really need to teach crawling to a child? They can naturally perform this activity after 5 to 7 months (Some children can skip crawling and directly start walking). You will be surprised to know that even 15 day baby can crawl, if you provide suitable condition. What are suitable or favorable conditions? Very simple thing that I have seen exciting children is putting favorite toy in front at reachable distance. Child simply tries to grab the toy, and learns crawling. Sometimes observing this activity excited me so much, that I got myself into the crawling pose. I definitely agree that children bring out child in grownups. Rule is very simple, when child feels, she has to be extra mobile, then she will try to learn this new technique called crawling. Same applies to walking, just that there should be need of extra mobility sensed by child.

Prepare House for a Crawling Child

Most important thing, when children start crawling, is to prepare ground on which child will crawls. Child is lifting head first time in this activity on her own, and she is not going to hold it high for long, hence you will see face and nose getting banged on ground frequently. To avoid any injury, we need to ensure the surface on which child is crawling is soft enough to avoid child getting hurt. As child moves forward crawling, larger area needs to be prepared for this activity. Many times, children crawl fast, and bang head to objects in front of them. This might cause injury. Hence we need to keep only those objects in the vicinity which may not hurt child. Sharp objects, objects with edges and pointed surfaces needs to be moved out of reach. Also it is good to have wider open area so that child can move easily.

Children also try to pull things kept higher, once they can reach and grab those things. These objects falling on head or body can result in serious injuries. Hence it is better to look around, and see if there is any such object that can be pulled by children. It is better to keep only small things or things which are big enough so that child cannot pull those over in the vicinity.

One more dangerous thing is allowing children to crawl on bed or sofas or any other higher surface from where they can fall down. When children are not crawling, we are prepared to avoid fall due to rolling, but once child gets more mobile by crawling, it opens a different dimension to control. Hence either we prefer ground level surface or be present to protect children from any such possible fall with due attention.

Hygiene Considering with Crawling Children

Most of the children, once they put head on ground after crawling, try to lick the surface. If the surface is not clean, or the cloth on which child is putting head down is not well disinfected, this might result in upsetting stomach of child. Hence it is better to look for hygiene aspect of things that child can grab and put in mouth or lick.

I would also recommend to choose child friendly disinfectants and detergents so that the traces going in child’s stomach do not affect child. Reason is – it is impossible to remove detergents or other cleaning liquids from cloths even after repeated rinse. Hence better is to accept this and choose less troublesome liquid.

Clothing Children to Crawl

Child’s clothing is also very important from safety point of view. Sometimes carpet or ground has rough surface causing scratching injuries to child. These injuries take longer time to heal completely as child continues to crawl using injured body part such as knee. Hence we can use clothing that can cover those body parts which are going to get over used during crawling, and provides some cushion. Now a days, we also get knee guards for children. It is individual choice whether to go for it or not depending on your environment.

Capture These Moments

I would first live those moments of first crawl and child moving around in house. These are special and life time moments. Hence it is also good to capture through photographs and videos so that later parents and children both visit those to live those moments again and again. One doesn’t need to be expert photographer to capture these, all of these are special and unique so go on capturing. Just keep in mind to store this media in such a way that you do not lose those over a period of time. This is usual trouble with current digital media. One can also use these moments to prepare videos during birthdays or other celebrations.

Advantages of Crawling

There are many advantages of this activity to child and parents both. First for parents, it teaches how to manage things in changing scenario. When new dimension opens with child mobility, how parents can be prepared to handle it. But for a child, this activity means actually learning coordination of hands, legs and head. It is learning how to balance body when stationary and while on move. This skill develops child’s brain with a new perspective. It opens new horizon for child to reach out more things and touch those. Hence child’s urge to reach more and more area and thing starts growing. Child also learns to choose things from increased options.

In short, crawling of child is really a special event, and a family can be prepared for it with simple things to make it safe and memorable.

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