Daily Routine for Children

In corporate world setting goals and planning are very important things. Setting goals will give you clarity on what you want to achieve. Planning helps you to achieve your goals. Then why do we not have daily routine for children?

While bringing up kids there are so many things to do and so little time. If both parents are working then this becomes tougher. So don’t you think planning their routine will help? Should we not decide daily routine for children?

Many times your child’s routine varies with the one of yours. Things get tossed up. This problem arises when you have children who are not old enough to go to school, or when they have vacations.  It might be there for after-school hours also.  Managing activities for different aged children is difficult task. Little planning can help. Children also like to know what they are going to do next. There are many benefits of having a planned routine for children.

Benefits of Daily Routine for Children

Good Habits

It is said that if you can fit any activity in your routine then it becomes habit, and once it becomes habit then you don’t need to force anyone to do it. This way you can inculcate good habits in your children.

Better Health

If you can regularly and religiously follow children’s meal times and bed times, then at least one thing is going to happen, and that is their health will improve. Due to better sleep and food, they will have better immunity. It means less sick leaves and less doctor visits. Time and money spend in this course can be invested somewhere else.

Better Utilization of Time

Since you are going to plan things, you can decide which things should get more importance. You can set aside time which you can spend with your children.


Plan all activities like morning chores, play time, meal times, outdoor activities, studying etc. Not that always you are going to complete these activities 100%. So prioritize them, and make sure that first three things must be completed on time.

Life Becomes Easier

Things which are uncertain seem complex to us. Things which are known to happen make us feel comfortable. Planning a daily routine with children makes life easier and will give you chance to direct your energy, time to more creative work.

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