Impact of Reality Shows on Children

Reality shows are occupying entertainment space for few years now. Different types of innovative ideas are being searched to make programs more and more popular. How can they leave children out of it? There are versions of existing reality shows specially for children.¬†Also there are few programs which are designed for children only. People do enjoy such shows, follow those and forget. But it may not be exactly the case with our children, who watch such TV programs. There may be very different impact on children. What is this impact? How do we manage child’s exposure to such shows?

What do They Think?

If we want to understand the impact of such programs on children, we need to understand a basic trait of child psychology – children see themselves performing in story, movie, act, or even these reality show while listening or watching. They imagine as if they are performing the act. You might have noticed same while telling story to children. They get excited, they imagine as if they are hero of the story. Same thing applies here. Children see themselves as the one performing in reality show. Slowly they get attached to the program, and that program becomes part of their life. They may continue that act outside the program, which has both positive and negative effects.

Impact That You May Not Want

If children start carrying the program in their mind in every act, they make it a goal of life. They just tend to see the popularity and accolades the winner of program getting, and may not have visibility to the effort that person might have put. Example would be a dance programs or singing programs, children start performing the act, and they want to be winner, a best performer. If surrounding people give encouragement to this thought, children start taking it seriously. But they don’t understand that the best performers have put years of effort before reaching those heights. Some of them might be gifted people. If children fail to reach those heights in quick time, they feel depressed. This depression causes adverse effect on the children. Parent’s need to be very careful in such scenarios to put the reality in these things in front of children.

Convert It Into Positive

Reality shows can be an opportunity to encourage children to learn new things. It may not be for a competition purpose but as a skill. Programs can be used to motivate children, but with a pinch of salt that the process of becoming expert is going to take long time. Expert does not mean winning competition but learning the thing and enjoying, feeling happy while performing it. If such a mind set is introduced in children’s mind, then there won’t be the urge to win the competition, instead they would want to learn the skill and enjoy. Also, one can avoid the extreme activity programs for children. Even educating them that such acts are performed under expert guidance and if not there are serious consequences, proves very beneficial to avoid any accidents.

In short, reality shows can be good but if children are exposed with right mindset.

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