Physically Very Active Children

Some of the parents must be answering with a big “Yes” to this question – Is your child physically very active? Saying we have physically very active children. Along with answer, moms must be having something more to share, right? Here is what they will say – my child just doesn’t sit at one place at all. I get absolutely tired in couple of hours. Sometimes I feel like crying. I feel like scolding or punishing sometimes. Can some one help me? How to calm down the child to sit at one place for at least sometime? And so on.. Have you ever thought reason behind a physically active kid? I asked this question to a pediatrician, and since then I feel happy and good, when I see a physically active children. What was the answer?..

Why are There Few Physically Very Active Children?

When are we active? When we are fresh, when we are energetic, when our mind is fresh and when our brain is active, when we want to do something. Answer to our question is also in exactly same thing. A child is physically very active because of the higher energy levels. She is very active because her brain is not letting her sit quietly. Brain is thinking very fast and making the child to do something. Child is noticing so many things around her very quickly, and wants to do something with those. Hence she is pulling, throwing, running, jumping continuously. Hence, it is good that the child is very active. So don’t get tired. Feel proud about it. Feel happy that your child has got good brain and energy. Don’t suppress it.

Very Active Children

Vice Verse is not True:

If a child is physically not very active, that does not mean the child has not got intellect or she is low in energy. Don’t force the child. Every child is different. Children, who are not physically active also shine.

How to Manage Active Children?

Very simple. Give food to brain and activity to utilise energy. Yes! If child’s brain is active, give toys, plays to her that will make her utilize her brain. These toys should be suitable to her age. If child is physically active, play with her. Let the energy flow. Engage child in physical activity. Make her run. You will also burn some calories, which is good.


There are few observations published which claim physically active children doing better in school and sports.


Having a physically very active child, is a good thing. Feel good and proud about it and enjoy. Don’t even think of trying to calm her down. If at all you want to do something, take extra care of child.

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