Keeping Children Busy At Home

Many times we, as a parent, face this challenge of keeping children busy at home. There can be any reason behind children staying back at home – children are not feeling well, school vacation is going on, and due to some reason the day care facility is closed and something similar. Many of us end up saying it is a nightmare staying with children for a whole day. But if we learn the art of keeping children busy at home, it becomes a cake walk. Here are some ways of doing it.

Also, if we do not engage children in right things, they are going to end up in front of TV for hours, which is not a right and healthy choice. There are many activities which we can deploy as per child’s interest.

Small Project to Learn Things

A small project can be given to children to complete in couple of hours. First rule here is – it has to be interesting. It can be a science project, history project or some subject project. E.g. Find out all president’s name of America along with their pictures and their special work. It can be suitable for children of certain age. Similarly other projects can be identified suiting to the age group.

Children can do a Task of their Own

Example can be cleaning own bicycle/bike. With all required material provided, children can do this self -care activity very well for hours. Similarly, organizing their book shelf, cupboard, toys etc. can also keep children occupied for a couple of hours.

Hobbies for Keeping Children Busy at Home

Playing an instrument, drawing, and coloring can be good options. If children are learning any art, this becomes a very good option to keep children busy. Even if they are not, drawing and coloring are always there to help us.

Get Some Help in Our Work

We can request them to offer help in some of our work. Children can join in doing our work and do small small things as per their ability. We may have to monitor a bit, but they will always be in front of our eyes and learning doing things with us. This will also teach children to work with parents.

Keeping Children Busy at Home

Puzzles for Brain Development

This is another activity that consumes a lot of time. We may have to create interest first, but once done, children spend considerable time in doing this. We can chose puzzles suitable to children’s age. Avoiding one puzzle always also keeps children’s interest alive in the activity.

Another important thing is change. We should change the activity they are doing after couple of hours. If not then children will get bored and that activity is out of options for next time. 

If we follow these tips, very soon we will realize keepting children busy at home is not a rocket science.

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