Tips for Happy Travelling with Kids

Travelling is fun and full of new experiences. But what if your little one is crying or you are running for medicines when your kid is having fever and you have next flight to catch. No one would like to be in such situation, right? You can check below easy tips before stepping out.

Check for Hygiene         

Carry paper soap which is very convenient for washing hands. Use hand sanitizers where you can not wash hands. Also you should carry antibacterial wipes which can be used to clean hands or plates as needed. This way you will avoid unwanted infections. Applying drop of Eucalyptus oil to the chest of child before leaving for outdoor will ensure to lessen the probability of catching the viral.

Travel Tips

Engage them in interesting activities

Long train/bus/plane journey is sometimes boring for kids. They keep on asking when the destination will come. You can engage them in activities like listing stations which come along the way, draw new objects which they have seen first time, finding shapes/colors etc. 

Take Toys with you

You can carry small toys to play with. Magic slate is also good option as you don’t need to look for crayons. Nowadays people have lots of games on their mobiles, so you can try this option as well for limited time.

Book ahead to avoid inconvenience

Whenever possible always do hotel bookings, rail/bus reservations in advance so this will save you from waiting time and frustration from your family.

Carry enough food items

Carry 2/3 food items with you. Pack them in airtight packets. Wherever you go buying fresh fruits can be the best eating option for kids.

Basic Medicines

Carry basic medicines like any syrup (which you use for fever), antibacterial cream, thermometer, bandage, eucalyptus oil etc.

Be patient with them and explore from their perspective too

Kids like to take their own time to enjoy the new place and we used to be under time pressure. Plan such a way that you get enough time to let them explore the new place. You will also get to know new things which are obvious from knee high.

Manage your luggage

This is important if you have to change the transport vehicles and carry your kids and luggage around. Carry backpacks instead of small bags. Also bags with wheels are good. Give task of counting bags to kids , it will make them feel responsible.


‘Say-and-do’ method will help to prepare their mind for upcoming plan

Always let your kids know the plan for the day/few hours depending on their age. This will help them to accept some unwanted plans. For e.g. if you have to wait for next train for an hour then tell them beforehand then you can ask them to observe things around.

Clothing according to climate

Let your kids wear comfortable clothing according to the climate. Also be prepared for uncertain weather conditions as this is what happening nowadays. Carrying raincoats instead of umbrellas for kids is good option.

Keep Extra cloths

Keep extra cloths for kids if going on beach because they always run towards water be it any time of the day.

Put some identity with the child

If you are going to any crowded place then put a paper with your name and mobile number written on it in your child’s pocket ( you should be prepared for the worst case).

Happy Travelling!!!

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