When Children Start Crawling or Walking

Isn’t it a joyful l event to watch your bundle of joy moving around, when children start crawling? The whole family cherishes these moments.  Parents always wait to watch their baby crawling. Once baby started crawling they want baby to walk. How to encourage these activities? What are the advantages of encouraging physical activities? What problems you may face?

Teach your child to crawl

What??? Do you really need to teach crawling to a child? They can naturally perform this activity after 5 to 7 months (Some children can skip crawling and directly start walking ).   You will be surprised to know that even 15 day baby can crawl if you provide suitable condition.  

Children Start Crawling

What suitable conditions?

1.       If you are teaching to some days old baby to do this activity just for 10 to 15 min in a day.  You may repeat it after a while but you have to consider baby’s response for this.

2.       Put your baby on stomach. Encourage baby to move  towards you.  Baby will try to push herself. You have to praise her.

3.       Use soft, clean surface for this. You may try this on bed.

4.       For some months old baby, you can put her on floor. Make sure that baby is fully covered.

5.       Watch for the small things. There are chances that baby will put those in mouth.

Crawling will improve breathing and coordination of hands and legs.  Every new activity learned by baby is going to contribute in brain development. Since you are interacting with baby, praising her, it will improve your bonding as well.


Once baby is able sit, she will try to hold things around and stand. Slowly, this will lead to walking. Some make use of walker to help child learn walking. That may cause harm to developing bones of legs (If walker is used for longer duration and baby is little heavy then it will put pressure on legs).  You can help your child for walking.

Once baby can walk on her own make sure to use good fitting, soft shoes for her. Walking is best exercise. You can develop this good habit for good health of your baby.

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