Are You Friend of Your Kid? Can Parents Friends with Children?

We are already parent, and most of us are good as a parent. But are we in the friends list of our kids? Can parents friends with children? Before that the question is – can parents and children be friends? Do they sometimes accept us as a friend? When we are having fun, playing, watching movie, though we are with them as a parent, but the best would be as a friend. Do you as parents friends with children? Check it yourself using this questionnaire. Evaluate by ask these questions to yourself and count the number of “Yes” answers.


1.      Do they get excited to share something with you?

2.      Do you participate while they are playing?

3.      Do they avoid you, instead of coming and asking what is wrong, when you are angry?

4.      Are they eager to plan or when you plan some outdoor or indoor thing?

5.      Do you have common likings?

6.      Do they try to cheer you up when your mood is down?

7.      Do others tell you that their energy level is higher when you are physically present around them?

8.      Do you share what happened throughout the day when you come back from office? (Whatever is suitable to their age)

9.      Do they stand behind/support you (may be sometimes when you are not correct) during argument with others?

10.    Do they feel free to tell you that “today’s dress is not making you look best”?

11.    Are you good listener towards your little ones?

12.    Are they upset or show more tantrums when they haven’t met you for more than certain duration?

13.    Do they continue doing their things, playing, when you are around them but not talking to them?

14.    Do they share their or others secrets to you?

15.    Do you know all of their friends?

>10 Yes: You are doing fantastic job, keep it up.

Between 5 to 10: Few little things and you are fantastic.

< 5: You can catch up, just little focus is needed.

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