Birthday Celebration Ideas for Kids

Kid’s birthday is always a very special day. It is special for both parents and kids. Kids want to feel special on that day, while parents want to ensure it. To make this day special, we set out in search of ideas. Ideas that are different, and again very very special. Something that the kid hasn’t experienced, and will remember for very long time. Here is list of such birthday celebration ideas and some guideline to make you arrive at a good idea.

Drivers Behind Birthday Celebration Ideas


Best thing to do, have a theme. Theme that suites child’s age, nature, likings, your likings and budget. It can be a very special artistic, sports, to social – go green, be natural etc. Decide some theme and work on it.

Child’s Interest

At the end of the day, the child has to enjoy. Whatever you plan for the day has to be interesting to the kid, or you have to create interest well before the actual birthday.

Keep It Simple

Things should not be far fetched. Such as too many things in a day, too many people, very complex to execute, something like this. Keep things simple. Such as only one activity. We go for a cricket match in stadium and after returning cut a cake. Or we go to garden, plant few trees, play on grass with friends of kid, have food, cut a cake and return. Something simple.

Include Kid’s Friends

Kids do want to celebrate birthday with their friends, hence ensure that whatever activity, celebration you plan there is room for them. Otherwise your child will feel the celebration incomplete.

Children Also Have Own Ideas

This can be the first priority, ask the birthday person. Children themselves want to celebrate the birthday in a way. Make them to talk it out. You can do some refinement and implement the idea.

Be Innovative

Good opportunity to check if you are really innovative. Find out something very creative that satisfies all above parameters.

Use Technology

As technology advances, there will be many new things you can do. E.g. You can create a movie by combining photographs and videos of child, and keep it running on a TV or screen in the birthday celebration area. Quality dance floor can be created using technology for children.

Keep It Healthy

Applies to food items. Mostly we end up arranging junk food for the parties. But celebrations can have healthier food options. Fruit, dry fruit based recipes. Even vegetables and other healthy items from non veg plate can be served. Go for healthy alternatives of junk food.

Return Gifts

Should be useful to those who are going to get. Prestige issue and competition can be avoided. Children getting those must feel they have got something and so their parents.


Manage it, don’t stretch just for the sake of status.

Birthday Celebration Ideas

Concrete Birthday Celebration Ideas

  1. Conventional – cake cutting, food, return gifts and finished
  2. Colouring РChildren can be given drawing books with may be crayons which they can colour there itself
  3. Painting A Wall – Apply a big sheet of paper and children can get paint and paint as a team activity while you monitor
  4. Musical Chair – Another conventional item
  5. Green Theme – Everybody goes green
  6. Tree Plantation – Bring saplings and children get closer to nature and plant trees, Saplings can also be return gifts
  7. Singing or Dancing – Special performances of those
  8. Watch a Match – Go to stadium and watch a match of children’s interest
  9. Celebrate with Relatives – Celebrating with grand parents and other relatives at their places carrying everything
  10. Movie – Go for a movie
  11. In a Hotel – cultural or different types of hotels can be chosen to arrange a birthday party
  12. Magician – Invite them and ask to perform, children love those
  13. Out Station – Select a Destination and celebrate birthday there
  14. Dress Theme – One can choose different themes
  15. Special People – Physically, Mentally special people can be visited and one can make their life great
  16. Hospital – Making their life happy by doing something for them and children feeling social
  17. Start Learning Something New – art, instrument, sport etc. can be chosen
  18. With School/Class – Get some time from class and celebrate there in their approved way
  19. Puppet Shows – Organize them
  20. Visit a Zoo – children love animals, visit a zoo and they will have fun

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