How to Handle a Difficult Child?

I am sure most of the today’s parents must have faced difficult to handle behavior of their children. This might be aggression, possessiveness, attention seeking, tantrums, crying etc. For a naïve parent this might be a challenging task to handle such a difficult child. I know it is a harsh word to call a child a difficult child. If you keep few things in mind, you can do it effortlessly.

Reasons for Such Behavior

Reasons can be multiple. You have to analyze child’s behavior to understand exact problem. Also remember that child is not having problem with you. Look at the situation as if child is trying to draw your attention to problem area. 

Difficult Child

What Can be the Solution?

One line worked as a golden line for me “Children have short emotional memory” So every time you can start fresh. While talking to them be soft and polite which is definitely going to be reciprocated one day. I am very sure for this, only thing is that many parents are impatient and give up early.

Some children use crying as a tool to get whatever they want. Let them understand that it won’t help at all to solve the problem. Make a small rule at home, anything demanded by crying won’t be provided to child. These techniques will not solve problem permanently but will definitely reduce it.

Appreciation for good things will boost their self-esteem and encourage them to continue.

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