Make Child Feel Proud of You

Do you get opportunities to make child feel proud of you? Actually do you put deliberate efforts towards making child feel proud? Any ideas? Does it require doing something great? The answer is – No. It does not require doing anything great, but it can be achieved in a very simple way. Just that we need to know – when a child feels proud of something that parents do.

When your child has to present something done by parents in front of world, there comes a golden opportunity to be a hero in child’s eyes. It may be as simple as filling a form by parents and giving it to teacher in school in front of other children. It can be an activity to be done either jointly or individually by parents in front of some group of child’s society. All such events bring an opportunity. Let us see how.

Make Child Feel Proud of You

You don’t need to win that event or top the competition. Just do it right this time. Example. You need to fill a form, which child is going to submit in school. You fill the form rightly, child submits it, while teacher find mistakes in couple of other forms, and your form is accepted without complaint (like few other forms). We just can’t imagine how proud child feels of you. She does not feel that other parent’s are inferior but my dad hasn’t committed the mistake. My dad can do things right in first go. How much effort it might have taken for you. Very less, right?

Just do the things right, it may not require great effort, but just a little bit of attention, and when children take this work in front of world, they feel proud. They become admirer of you. Simple isn’t it.

What is benefit of this feeling proud of you, they start listening to what you say. You don’t need to put extra effort make them listen what you say. Once there is belief, there is acceptance by default.

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