Managing Kids Toys Effectively

“I am bored with my current toys, I want a new one” – Do you hear this cry frequently? Are you spending too much on children’s toys now a days, and still the kids are not happy? Then it may be the case that kids, and you do not need new toys, but need to manage toys better. Manage toys? Surprised? Yes! It may sound a new concept, but few simple techniques can help you as well as children to get better from available toys. Instead of beating around bushes, let us get started on managing kids toys.

Tips for Managing Kids Toys

All in One Go:

Do you buy only one toy at a time when you go for shopping? At least two to three toys, right? All three of different types. Do you hand over all of them at same time to your child? If yes, then stop doing that. Give one toy now, next in 2-3 weeks and so on. If you give one toy, child will play with it for 2-3 weeks and get bored with it. Even if you give 3 toys at a time, same story is going to get repeated. Hence keep few for later. These toys can help you for 6-8 weeks.

Don’t Throw Old Toys:

If toys are not completely broken, keep them at your reservoir. Bring them out on bi-weekly basis in rotation. Children get bored with toys due to monotonous playing for very longer time. If we give break of few days, and replace the toys with the toys which are still applicable to their age, they continue enjoying playing with the toys.


Current set of child’s toys can contain few new and few old toys. Rest of the toys can go into your reservoir. This way, every week few toys are going into the reservoir, and few are coming out. Child is having weekly new toys (which may not be brand new), and few which are carried from last week.


If you have more than one kid having few years age difference, then share toys amongst them. Go for mutual exchange. I.e. each child gives one toy and gets one from other. They will try to get best out of the toys. Warn them about the condition in which they want to return those to other.

Managing Kids Toys

Broken are not Actually Broken:

Broken toys are not to be thrown immediately. As kids grow, you can teach them to make new toys or objects using these broken toys. This will teach them reuse of things. But it is for sure that parts of old toys can be used to make very good new toys.

If these tips are followed, these will not only maintain interest of children in toys but also save money for you. Happy playing!!!

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