Music and Child Development

Can you imagine this world without music? No, isn’t it? This world will be so boring without music. Why would children’s world be any way different without music? What is connection between music and child development? Actually, they have music and happiness in everything. Hence music can play a vital role in children’s life for many years, and once they are grown up, it will bring joy the way it brings to our lives. Let us see where all music can help parents and children at different ages.

Music can help Before Birth

It can start with unborn babies, with fetus. There are theories that claim music can help fetus brain development. Hence listening to selective or special music for this purpose by putting on stereo and not using headphones can help. There are guidelines for the loudness, duration and kind of music. But go with caution about this. But definitely if it relaxes mother, then it is going to help child.

Toddlers and Few Year Old Children do Enjoy Music

It can help in many things for children from just born to few years of age. Here is a list of things, where you can get help using music.

  • Children sleep listening to certain music.
  • While feeding children or making them to eat meals, sometime children eat food without giving any trouble if their favorite music is on.
  • I have seen parents using music to wake children up happily. Keep playing some kind of music when you want to wake children up, and they will get up with a smile on face instead of crying.
  • Children catch words from songs, and it helps them to learn languages.

Music and Child Development

Music and Child Development: For Grown up Kids

It applies primarily to teenagers or to kids having age just below that. (You will agree that these things apply to people at all ages.)

  • Children learning music can see their concentration level improved.
  • Learning music helps children to develop ability to try something repeatedly without getting bored.
  • Children’s personality changes according to the kind of instrument they are learning. Children learning flute will definitely have different personality, as compared to children learning guitar with other fast music.
  • Listening to music also has influence on children’s personality. You may find difference in children listening to rock etc. and those listening to quiet music.
  • Music can be a friend in their happy, lonely, depression, and not so happy times.

Overall, music does influence children throughout their growth, little bit of control and dedicated effort by parents can help to shape their personality in certain way using music.

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