So Much to Learn From Children

All of us are worried about our children’s education. We always think – Are they getting education properly? Are they learning things well? But do we know we can learn many things from children as well? Do we know children are teachers, and they can teach very basic things, which can make our life happy? As a grown up person, we have to accept that elders can learn from children, and start learning from them. Here are the things that we can learn from children. Very simple, but very important things!!!

What can We Learn from Children?

Enthusiasm, Higher Energy Level:

If it is evening, then definitely, but even in morning, some of grown-ups feel low in energy. After doing any brain or physical work, we see our graph of energy falling sharply. We search for source of energy here and there. But just look at our children, they get up from bed, and within few minutes they are on. They are full of energy. This enthusiasm shoots with arrival of few people, friends, plan of outing and all. Only when they are sleepy, hungry, not well, they feel low in energy. As we grew, from childhood into an adult person, we have forgotten maintaining our energy level, being enthusiastic. That is why we have to search for such a type of personalities, whom we call dynamic.

Forget Quarrels quickly:

Have you ever seen children remembering a quarrel for months, and whenever they meet, they bringing it up and continuing? Kids, yet to reach teenage, forget quarrels very quickly, sometimes within minutes. They just continue life as if nothing had happened. It is possible; they will go through the quarrel cycle in some time again. But, again they will forget. What if we start forgetting quarrels, friction, etc., with people around even with loved ones? It will bring plenty of happiness to us.

Learn from Children

Stay Active:

Have you seen a kid of few years, sitting idle and doing nothing, not even watching TV? They are always doing something. Even if they are travelling, they can start jumping in the car itself. What about us? Instead of sitting in a chair for hours and surfing TV channels, can we be physically active. I guess it can avoid many health problems of us.

Don’t Give Up:

Have you seen kids retrying on failure? They try so many numbers of times. Even we can take example of them, asking for something to us, may be to buy a chocolate or toy. They keep trying continuously. They cry. But just don’t give up. As we grew, we diluted this ability. We don’t try hard and just fail, give up. We achieve less.


How quickly they learn mobile functions? Sometimes they even teach those to mom and dad. Compare this with their grandparents.  Even some of us are not even ready to try. Children are the best learners. We can be at least some percent of them?

Feel the Things:

I have seen them feeling so many things. They cry when there is sad scene on TV. They get frightened in darkness; they come and hug you when you do something good for them. Suddenly, they feel love for us to kiss us. I agree, some of the things may get changed with age, but we have become blunt if it is to be described in exact words. We feel less. Actually we don’t even have time to feel. We are more of work focused, and keep emotions aside. But being human we should have feelings.

Make Friends:

They meet a new child, talk to her, play with her, very soon they are friends. They share things, enjoy, fight, and spend good time together. Why should we be surrounded by a wall? Not all people are same, but we can just be friends?

Move On:

Whatever is over is over. Forget it and move on. It may be change of house, school, and playground and so on. They align themselves to new environment quickly and forget old soon. We spend days in grief of leaving old one. Move on.. new world is waiting for us. There is enough that can keep us engaged for entire life.

Be Close to Nature:

Take children to sea shore, you will find them completely engrossed in playing with sand. Take them to garden; they will be part of it. Give clay or job to make earthen things to them, you will find all of it on their clothes. They just mix with anything that is natural. They become one with nature so quickly. Why we should protect our clothes, health, etc. and stay away from Mother Nature?


Best observers. Children learn most of the things by observing and imitating. They not only observe humans, but also to animals, trees, and non-living things. Everything is noticed, sensed and felt. Sometimes we don’t notice our best friend passing by.

Sleep Well:

Most of us say – sleep like baby. Throw all worries, thoughts, tension below bed, and sleep to the fullest. This will bring the peace of mind and energy you need the next day.

Where is Ego?

They just don’t have it. Children may have quarrel and fight. But there will not be ego. At least up to certain age, unless we introduce it to them. Unless they observe us, and get it into them. Throw ego. Things will be really different.

There are many more things, which we might want to learn from kids. Share those. This will make us joyous like kids.

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