Tips for Raising a Responsible Child

What is responsibility? It’s taking care of your duties. Also being able to answer for your actions.

A responsible child will take care of his or her studies, is capable of taking decisions and managing own life in future. Such a child will handle ups and downs with cool head.

Who won’t like raising a responsible child?        

But before that are our children aware of their duties? A harder question, are you aware of your duties? Do you really take care of them? Parents (or caretakers) are their role models. To bring up child as a responsible person, parents must behave responsibly.

Responsibility can be social, for personal actions, towards family and friends and much more.

Responsible Child

How to Achieve This – Raising Responsible Child?

You can inculcate this behavioral trait by starting with simple actions:

1. When children are playing, tell them putting all toys properly is their job. If they do it praise them. If not don’t scold, you can try different approaches. You can say “I would have loved it if you have completed our job, May be I can help you doing that” and help them doing it. Such continuous interactions will definitely show results.

2. Whenever you think some tasks can be done by children, ask for help. Guide them in doing it.

3. Let children accompany elderly family members. Ask children to help them and take care of them while out.

4. Your role in child’s studies is of a guide and not as helper. So let the child plan and do own things. You can either provide suggestions or can ask them. Then they will start thinking and come up with some ideas.

5. Involve them in family functions. Encourage them to actively participate. Let them own some task and take it to completion.

6. Discuss on variety of topics suitable to their age, ask for their opinion and value it. If it’s wrong you can correct it but the tone should be correct. Fix daily timing for this either on breakfast table or while having dinner.

7. Involve them in shopping. Let them decide what healthy food items need to bye.

8. They own their tasks e.g. Keeping school bag ready for school, taking care of school shoes, etc.

9. While being out, make them socially responsible. E.g. Keeping area clean and using dustbin.

10. In front of them, we can take responsibility of our good as well as mistakes. We can say that I own the consequences and will put my best efforts to correct those. Children will just follow this.

11. Whenever possible invite their friends at home, spend time with them.


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