Effectively Teaching Children Through Stories

Sometimes children don’t listen to what we are trying to tell, or it does not create the impact we want even after listening. This leads to frustration to parents. We then take a way of punishment to teach those things. But punishment to teach everything to children, when they are not learning, is not a good option. It is definitely not acceptable. So how to make children learn the good things in a happy way? Here are techniques for teaching children through stories.

Here is an alternative. When they reject to do things we ask, tell them stories. Stories which have characters behaving the same way, and then facing its consequences. Make story telling interesting with your acting skills. They will enjoy it and will get the message too. Agreed, there may not be stories for each and every situation, but we can make few stories on the fly. We can take help of mythological stories also. We can use same characters in different stories. There can be children’s favourite cartoon character in our stories.

Teaching Children Through Stories

When children are listening to stories, they are not only listening to the stories but they are participating in the story event. They become one of the character in the story. This happens at the very early stage of story. Slowly if we bring out some not good trait of that character, they don’t like it. They want it to be corrected. They want that particular character to be appreciated and loved by every one. Hence they are ready to correct anything in that character. During the course of story, we correct the mistake committed by the character, and again it gains the respect back. Children are also happy after the character reaching new high. As they have imagined themselves as that character, in future, they keep this incidence in mind, and relate to the situation to take correct action. The behaviour is good next time.

Sometimes they do it unwanted, they force themselves. But it is their decision to push oneself, which is good. If they continue it, it becomes habit, or part of them. We don’t have to tell story again for the same situation.

Stories also have another impact, children will get attached to you because of interesting stories, and they will learn what you want to teach. Also you will get less and less angry. No need to tell, life will be even happier with children.

There is one more interesting benefit of telling stories to children. Children are best imitators, when they are listening to stories, they are also remembering it to repeat same story in front of some one else. Very soon we come across a scene where child is telling same story to someone else. If they continue listening to stories from us, and repeating it, they will become a good story teller in few days. It also improves child’s speech ability. If you have more ideas around stories, you can share here.

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