Different Dimensions of Parenting

What is parenting all about? Is it so complex that one need to be frightened of it? Is it so simple that one can just take it as it comes? I am sure, you will agree that answer to later two questions is no. One does not need to be frightened of parenting, as well as should not take it too lightly. Just strike the balance. If we understand the important dimensions of parenting, and work on all of them regularly, it is going to be an enjoyable and memorable event of life.

These dimensions are derived from what child needs, what we can give, what child can give, and what we, the parents need. Parenting has never been a one way process where the parents pour everything on the child. Child definitely gives so many things to the parents and the family. It may not be directly measurable but the shaping of family, changes in parents nature can be clear indications of child’s contribution. There are many more such subtle things that we get from children.


All these considerations may not be applicable to each child every day, but these are required at one or other time during child’s development. If we focus on each of them with right intensity, it is definitely going to be very beneficial for child’s development.

Let us take one example from these dimensions, and see how it should be seen. E.g. Care. First thing that comes to mind is – how should one take care of child? It is correct, but, the care involves taking care of parents also. Child and parents are very well integrated with each other. Example would be if mother is not keeping well on health front, how she can take care of child properly? Hence she should also take care of herself along with child. I would look at these key words from child, parents, family and even surrounding environment point of view for better results.

Enjoy parenting by striking right balance amongst them.

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