Role of a Father in Child Development

Was I understanding properly role of a father in child development then? But, I remember of calling it promotion. In exact worlds, “I got promoted to a new role, father”. May be most of the fathers used this or similar term when they became a father. Is there no other better phrase, I mean better than this one, which is more of from work than life? I haven’t heard mothers talking of promotion when they become a mother. They also get promoted. Then why do most of the mothers don’t use this term. Any thoughts? My logical guess – they don’t think of work 24 hours, their focus is family without any mix ups. While fathers have thought of career running continuously at the back of their mind (I remember something similar reading in book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus). In short, fathers have career focus when they are with kids, while mothers, being a woman, think of relations and family mostly. Does it not impact the role they play in children’s life? What is Father’s role in a child’s life, since birth, till they get independent? Mother’s role is mostly played by mother religiously, and we hardly see any exception. But most of the times, father ends up getting these comments – You are not giving enough time to kids. Are you paying attention to your children? Children are not only mother’s responsibility, and so on. That is why this question – what is father’s role in children’s growth? Only fund supplier? If mother is working then this fund supplier is also not needed. How a father should contribute in nurturing children? Sharing my thoughts and observations, feel free to discuss and contradict.

Is family without a father complete? Definitely answer is no. His role is definitely required. Sometimes he is the only man in a family. It is true in now days as families are turning nucleus families. He is the only hero in the eyes of children in the early days. Hence what he does is going to be carved on the children’s mind forever. Some day or other in life, children are going to pull out this behavior and act as if they are like their father. Ok, now it is getting clear, there is concrete impact of father’s role and what is expected from him, in the family. It is definitely something more than he going to office and bringing money and purchasing things for family. Father’s behavior in family counts more than actual.

role of a father

An important question, as a father, do you bring office home? Off course, not physically, but the work, and in addition to work, the mood, tiredness, irritation and so on. If I have answer yes to this question, then I doubt if I would be able to give 100% to my children and family. Reason, I am mentioning this here is, I have seen many IT senior people taking calls, checking mails and doing something opening laptop at home till 12 O’ Clock in the night. At the same time, their IT working wife is playing 100% role of mother. Is it fair? Her career is also important. I agree there will be some emergency work or call that one has to take at home, but it should not be a routine. There is already a post here that talks about quality time with children. In short, keep office at office and when you come home, in life, be alive. Because people at home have been waiting for father since morning and they have so many good and happy things planned with you.

I guess he is the only person who can dilute and even remove difference between a male and female in the family. I am talking about bringing them at par in treatment and importance. Many countries, if women is a housewife, her responsibilities are purely limited to house. She ends up doing household things while her opinion remains secondary outside. What if father starts contributing to these household things? Cleaning, cooking, getting children ready for school, etc. basically sharing responsibilities that a housewife owns, rather we make them own. Imagine a boy child seeing all these things, father’s contribution to such work, he will definitely get up one day and start doing things than thinking them as a female’s responsibility. Same is true for girl child. Both of them will start treating opposite sex people equally. Giving respect to women has to be taught since childhood than later.

If I start giving respect to my wife, which definitely I have to, my son is also going to follow it to his mother, and when he grows up, I can expect similar behavior by him to his wife, partner. If fathers treat females in house with respect, children are going to do the same.

As a father, one can give strength to children. It cannot be only physical strength, but mental strength. If children are looking at father as a hero, they want him showing strength. When children are doing things, failing, retrying, sometimes even crying, one can give them mental strength. This strength will help to build a strong character.

There is a way of giving indirect benefit to family and children. When fathers start playing active role in child care and house work, it gives breathing time to mother. This break can rejuvenate a tired mother, which will keep her happy. Happy mother, I would say a happy family. Everything catches the joy mother carries.

Children continuously spending time with mothers do show signs of boredom. Hence if father start sharing this time, it is a change. Even if all of them have fun together, it brings good joy for the family. The bonding also gets strengthened.

Many materialistic things are usually done by fathers, like fulfilling financial needs, buying things, taking family out etc. but slightly different emotional role of father can help a lot in development of children. This development help will be towards building a good character of a child.



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