Children and Homework: No More a Worry

For most of the parents, there is this task, ensuring children complete their homework. For few of us it is a cake walk, while it is a big task for many of us. If we say children and homework together in front of few paretns, they might even get nervous. Some of the parents even end up doing the homework for their children. How much it benefits children? We know the answer. Here is a method that can help you to ensure completion of homework, as well as children getting maximum benefit out of it.

Children and Homework

  • First and most important thing is, completing homework is child’s responsibility and not parents. Parents are just a facilitator or supervisor. Hence we have to make children feel that they are responsible to complete their homework and not parents. They will not accept this if we tell them, but we have to change the way we handle homework activity.
  • Better to add the homework task to daily routine of children such that at every fixed time, child starts doing homework.
  • To start with, parent’s role is to see if the homework is complete, and it is done correctly. Hence one can ask children to complete the homework and get it reviewed (by certain time) from parents. Parents can sit beside them doing our own work.

Children and Homework

  • If there are any problems in the homework done, just inform children that there are few mistakes/problems in the homework done, and can you find those out.
  • If child fails to find those mistakes out, give clues, so that they can find out the mistakes on their own.
  • If still children are not able to reach to the mistakes, then finally point out the mistakes.
  • Once the mistakes are corrected, re-review the homework, and if there are still mistakes, then repeat the cycle.

What will children gain from this approach? They will start taking responsibility of homework completion, and the ownership will be shifted to children. In few days, children will learn art of doing it maximum correctly in first go itself, instead of taking the corrective cycles. Children can be told to do a self-review after completion of homework. This is very good technique from exam point of view as well. They will try to give finished product for review. After few days, parents may get notification from children, without asking – I have completed my homework already, please check. What will you feel after this? I am sure you will be happy. It may take few days to weeks, but it will definitely get established if this method is followed religiously.

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