Effective Teaching Technique That Works

In this post, I am going to discuss a very very common challenge – “Children don’t do things even after repeated telling by parents. Children have no interest in doing those things”. Question is – what is effective teaching practice, or what is effective teaching strategy to make children do things which we want to teach them, which we think they should be learning and doing, basically cultivating good habits? Isn’t it a common problem? How many times it frustrates us as a parent? How many times we lose our temper and end up scolding our young ones? We all want some solution to make child to do exactly what we think is good for her. It is not forcing something on a child but enabling them to do genuine things.

Effective Teaching Technique

Before we get to effective teaching technique that I found useful personally, it is important to understand child psychology in this context. What is this psychology? What is it that children do with maximum interest? Answer is very simple and we all know. Children do all those things with very interest which they like. Yes! If children like something, they just get engrossed in it and keep doing it with fun. If this is the case, then next question is how to create this liking? My experience is partnering that thing with children.

Exactly, I just partnered with my child in that activity to create this interest. This is the teaching technique to cultivate a good habit. How to do this? Here is the sequence of activities used.

What are steps in effective teaching technique?

I start with one of the following phrases or something similar:

  • Can you help me in doing this thing?
  • Let us do this together
  • Let us try this
  • Can you join me doing this?

It worked mostly as a magic. My son agreed to start activity with me. This is step one achieved.

Next I had to change myself. Forgetting everything else, I had to honestly join my child in that activity. For example, if I want him to do a writing exercise, I join my child may be by dictating, or reading what he has already written, even with my own writing activity. This must be honest, enthusiastic participation, then only child’s activity will continue. I kept on doing this activity as long as child did not feel tired or lost interest. As soon as I received such signal, only thing I did was stopped doing this activity, and let him go to do whatever he wanted to.

You will say this is ok for one time activity, but what if this is to be used to cultivate a habit? Same technique but we have to repeat until child starts liking it, and asking for it on own. Yes! Repeating it for few days creates this habit in child. Child starts liking it and once this liking is created, then we don’t even need to monitor or ask to do it.

This teaching strategy worked when I tried to improve handwriting, reading, discipline, helping others and many more things. Time required was bit different but it worked.

Do share your experiences and teaching techniques, and correction in this.

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