How to Avoid Motion Sickness in Children?

Many children, during early days of bus travel to school or anywhere else, face travel sickness. You may also be calling it bus, car, or motion sickness in children. When it happens to children, while going to bus, it brings real embracement for them during remaining travel and in school. It also makes them bit low in energy throughout the day. They also feel inferior in front of their peers and co travelers. It can also make them weaker health wise, because of empty stomach for longer time. So how do we solve this? Here are few tips. One can try one or more of these.

Tips to Avoid Motion Sickness in Children:

  • First thing is not making it an issue by discussing it a lot. Give confidence to child that it happens, and we will try to solve it. We’ll definitely solve it. It goes with time.
  • Increase the time gap between food intake and travel.
  • Avoid those things which child do not like. E.g. sometimes children do not like to drink milk. Avoid giving it before travel. May be worth trying replacing it with juice, or something solid.
  • Motion Sickness in Children
  • Give amount of food or drink just as much as they actually want. No point in forcing to have more.
  • Try biscuits, dry fruits or any other food items which can give more energy with less amount of intake.
  • If you are going to drive, take breaks in between instead of covering longer distance in a go.
  • Start with less amount of food, and as the child gets habitual to the travel increase the amount of food.
  • Even starting with no food and allowing child to eat after reaching is also worth trying if problem is sever and nothing remains in child’s stomach due to sickness.
  • Consult to doctor and go for some medicine if required.

But this problem needs to be fixed quickly as it drains out child at the beginning of day itself. If you have solved this problem with any other technique, do share.

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