Safe Surrounding for Children

Safety of children, a very very important consideration, and so is safe surrounding. We just can not ignore this aspect. We can not wait to learn these things as a reaction. We have to take care of these proactively. When we talk proactive safety of children, what all is expected from parents? When you have kids of different age, growing kids, the safety game becomes bit tricky and confusing. Still we can not ignore the question, how to ensure safety? Let us discuss few important aspects of safe surrounding for children here.

Where They can Reach?

First thing that I would consider is the area under reach of my child. At current age, where all the child can reach on own. You must have got a thought – this is going to change continuously. I am afraid to say but it is true. As a child grows, this areas is also going to increase. Starting from toddler to a grown up kid of couple of years, to a teenager, this area is going to grow bigger and bigger. E.g. when a child starts to turn on and move a little bit, things kept around are going to be within reach. When the child starts crawling, everything at around at knees height may come within reach. Walking child will have wider area under coverage. For teenager, it is all the places which they visit are the areas to be considered.

Safe Surrounding

What is Unsafe Within Reach?

Next is search of unsafe items in that area. As we have identified reach of the child, next take a look at things in that area. Assume that child can reach each of those. Think how a child at that age can touch those things. Such as a toddler might pull it, put it in mouth, hit a hand on it and so on. Similarly a child, few year old, might tie a hanging string around body parts. A teenager might pick up your bike key and go for a ride. In short identify all such items.

Let us Fix –

Now we have to fix all these items, at least attempt to do so. There may be item specific and child’s age specific alternatives. E.g. in case of a crawling child, you may have to keep things at certain height, without letting them fall, while in case of toddler, you may have to put same things in cupboard. Different simple alternatives¬†in different scenarios. Simple common sense to be used. That’s it, in general the area is going to be safe.

Be Vigilant –

There is a very important thumb rule – keep eyes wide open and brain active if you want to keep area continuously safe. We have to be vigilant always. Also we need to imagine possibility of any hazard. In case of teenagers, it becomes very important to visualize possibilities. They can speed the bike, go for an unwanted adventure and so many other things. It may not be possible to stop them from everything, but one can be alert to avoid problem.

Educate –
How long you can keep an eye on kids? How many unsafe things can be fixed? There are unlimited ways by which such things can come closer to children. We can not fix each and everything of it. For a hazard to happen there needs only one thing, and to avoid we need to remove each of those. Hence along with above points, we also need to teach children about unsafe things, about thier own safety. How to identify, how to be safe from those. One can use stories, examples, practicals, videos and many other available tools. But if we educate children, they will do it on their own. It may not be full proof. But they will be aware of personal safety. We can later do remaining things. If the responsibility is shared, it will be easy to achieve end goal.

Simple techniques can save us and our child from many troubles. Just keep following..

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