Organize Family Functions with Kids

There is going to be a function at house. Suppose, it is a birthday party of one of your kid. Few close friends are going to join. You want to make it big success. You are also ready to invest some money for that. You are drawing a good, step by step plan for it. A room needs to be decorated. Food arrangements are to be done. Small gift items are to be distributed. So many things to do, and you have two kids at home who are having age between five and fifteen. Few questions come to your mind. Should I keep them with me while doing all this, or send them out? Will they mess up everything? Appears familiar? How do you solve this. You don’t throw your kids out of family function organization, also you don’t want them to be hindrance in doing all this? Any thoughts about family functions?

Look at It Differently –

The way we take any function as an opportunity to exhibit and improve our organization and management skills, it can also be an opportunity to enhance children’s certain skills as well. Look at any family function as an opportunity to work together with your kids. You can teach them many things like team work, getting social, having responsibility and working for it ….and at the same time enjoying each others company.

How to Achieve it?

List out small tasks, announce them and let the kids volunteer for it.Once these are completed praise everyone. One thing we have to remember is we are not having a competition here. So strictly avoid comparing kids with each other. Instead you can make a suggestion that this task can be done better by this way. We just have to teach them how to enjoy the tasks we are doing…some need to better learn it first 😉 This is the key to happiness.

What do We Need for All This?

What do we need for this? Patience, time, and a thought that I want to take this opportunity to teach a skill to my kids. That’s it. It works magical. Over couple of functions, you will notice that the kids have developed those skill very effectively and they are demonstrating those abilities in different forums. Will definitely make you feel proud.

If you use this technique, do let us know how it worked.. Any special experiences, tips around it.

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