Preparing for Second Child

You must have read articles about being first time parent. Once gained the parenting experience, why anyone need to be groomed for second time?  If we consider career oriented couples of today’s age talking about second child is rare. Once they get settled with first child, they don’t want to go through all of it once again. Also there is shortage of helping hands. If they are already putting their kid in day care then they don’t even want to think about it. Your only child will benefit a lot by having a sibling. By all the discussions or arguments if you decide to have another baby here I am providing one helping hand to you. I definitely guarantee you to help you to manage through this tough time. Since you already have one experience, you can plan for many things in advance. Also correct the mistakes which you did last time.

Avoid morning sickness by eating right

Eating right and that too on time will help you to be energetic throughout the day. Eat small portions every two hours.  If you are working, pack your extra tiffin. This should also be done by those ladies who are home, because they tend to give more attention to family rather than themselves. So planning for you food intake will help you eating on time and right things. Include fresh fruits, green veggies, dairy products, dry fruits etc.. Deep breathing in the morning provides you lots of oxygen and help you overcome the morning sickness feeling.

Second Child

Put special efforts for good health of entire family

We always work for family’s good health, but now you need to be more careful. Develop hygienic/healthy habits in you kid. Avoid going to very crowded area for long time.  Any infection coming home through other members can make you sick. So try to improve immunity of entire family. Having healthy diet and enough daily sleep is important for good immunity.   

Planning for a week (activities, studies, diet, shopping)

Have a list posted somewhere in the kitchen may be on freeze. Going through a week list all the items you need for coming week grocery, vegetables etc. You can shop for all the things in one go. In the same way let your kid plan for his studies. Tell him that implementing that plan is his responsibility but keep in mind that it’s actually yours. So keep a tab on him for that.

Distribute the tasks at home

You can delegate few tasks at home. It will give you some free time to relax. Use it for reading, meditation, listing good music etc. You can also hire help for few daily cores. Let your kid be an independent person.  Give small responsibilities to him. Let your kid pack his school-bag by himself. Little help in gardening will give your kid joy of creation. Keep on doing this after you second child too. This will give your family a feeling of a team. Running a family is a team-work and let every team-mate play their role.

Shopping for new born

There is already experience of first child, regarding what is more valuable and what is waste of money. It is time to use that experience. There is one more thing that should be kept in mind, technology moves fast and new better things keep coming to market. Hence along with first child’s shopping experience, explore new things. I still see difference of opinion about reusing things of first child. I leave it to individuals. Either way is ok.

Preparing your child for new role

When second child is going to arrive, the first person who is going to get less attention is the first child. This feeling can hamper the child. Many people see different behavioral traits in first child when they get ignored. Hence best is making first child part of second child’s arrival preparation. In above point, when you are going for shopping for second child, include first child. Take opinion of her. First child also should prepare for the arrival by creating small small things. Asking her to memorize a poem for the new comer can make them feel exiting and connected. This is one thing that should never be ignore. Small responsibilities to child help to avoid feeling of disconnection.

Discipline is the key

If you have read all the above points you must have got that it’s all about planning for future activities and implementing them in the right way. The moment you are pregnant your body starts preparing itself for future responsibilities. So I guess we should follow the nature.

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