Surprise Children: Simple Techniques

Do you like a surprise? Well who doesn’t? But how to surprise children? Any techniques? Buy big, expensive gifts? No No.. It is not that difficult.

Have you noticed how happy children feel when they receive any surprise?  It’s invaluable!!!

Naturally children tend to find happiness in each activity but that happiness multiplies when you do something to surprise them. These small surprises give you a chance to enjoy and bond well with your children. It’s necessary to increase the quality of time you are spending with them. Hey wait!!! are you thinking you have to put lot of money for this? No!! Just be creative!! Just think different!!! It can be very very simple as well.


Surprise Children with Very Simple Things

One of my friends has instructed his parents, to give a gift to his children every time they met them. But the prize of gift should not cross few bucks.  They can also arrange some authenticate menu which is new for kids.  This has helped him to develop bonding between his parents and their grandchildren by simple means to surprise children. You can also use it other way round. Tell children to do something for grandparents or their friends. Like preparing gifts by their own, for  occasions like friends birthday, grandparent’s anniversary etc. It will encourage their creativity and also attitude to do something for others.

The gifts can be very very simple. As simple as being home early from work can also be a surprise. Let them feel special. Once you are done with spending first half an hour with them, you can ask them to do their activities. It does surprise children.

This surprising can be applied to situations where children are working hard. Sometimes we ask children to study for longer duration. But once a while we can suddenly ask them to keep books aside and start playing. So many such ideas can be brought up to make children feel different, that to at minimum to no cost.

If your kids have behaved well, appreciate them. You can carry something for them like chocolates, balloons,  some toys etc. It should not be a trade off. But when you give those to them, you can say that I am happy because you behaved well. This also surprise children and also teach them good things.

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