Child Not Eating Meals is No More A Worry

 Many moms would agree that they are facing challenge to make kid eat food, they are worried about child not eating properly. This challenge is there across all ages of children. Child, who has just started eating food to a teenager, all show same behavior when food plate comes in front of them. Most of the parents must be finding new ways to make children eat food. Here are few ways that work. If you have any more innovative ways, do share.

Solution to Child not Eating Properly:

1.       Change menu during the day and across days. Include healthy snacks items also. E.g. in India, we can go for South Indian food, different Parathas and other regional food items sometimes. Change keeps children’s interest in food alive.

2.       For couple of years old kids, having food at single place may not be boring, but having food at different place may be enjoyable and funny. In Terrace/balcony, showing moon and stars, and other safe and clean places can be explored for this purpose. But take due care while going to such places.

3.       I have seen two children enjoying eating meals together. Even they eat those food items and vegetables which they refuse to eat otherwise. Time taken to finish meal is also reduced and they finish food happily.

4.       Story telling while children eat food is old technique that has been effective for ages.

Child not Eating

5.       Make eating a fun activity. You may have to be bit creative here. E.g. after a bite, there is a funny activity done in between e.g. child goes and brings a toy. You can choose different activities each time to make it more interesting.

6.       Sometimes a song, some music, and TV programs are also used to divert child’s attention while eating. But having food in front of TV is not advised. Hence music is best option.

7.       Taste the kid’s food first, and see if it has actually got taste. Many times, food, which we cook separately for children, fails on the taste standards. Hence children do not feel like eating such tasteless food at all.

8.       You can ask children to eat those things first that are healthier, but they don’t like eating. Other food items are anyway going to get finished as they like those.

9.       Check if there is adequate time difference between two meals of children. If child’s stomach is already full, she is not going to eat more food. Hence follow the guidelines of difference between meals for different ages of children.

10.   Let all family sit together and have food together. This improves family bonding and children enjoy having food with everybody.

Enjoy Parenting..

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