Fight with Cold and Flu Easily in Children

Any seasonal change and kids are down with cold and flu or any viral infection. In a single year 80% of the time the reason of illness is cold (for most of the children). This actually can be treated very effectively with our home remedies and that too causing no side effects and no impact on immunity (as in case of antibiotics). You just need to watch for symptoms and act on time. Cold and flu is usually followed by heavy cough which take many days to cure. If we act on time our children and ultimately we will suffer less.

If child has frequent fever then its best to consult the doctor.



  1. Runny nose or congestion in nose
  2. Sore or Itchy throat
  3. Cough (Usually cough comes later)

Home Remedies

Follow simple steps, but do them religiously for 3 to 4 days from the day when 1st sign of cold showed up. It will definitely show fast improvement.

  1. While having bath give a glass of warm (can be little hot as suitable to your child) water with 1 spoon of salt in it. And let them gargle by themselves. You can teach them how to do it right. Kids enjoy this activity as they get to play with water.

Gargling cleans the throat and helps to cure most of the infection. This is very helpful in case of throat infection, but I recommend it for normal cold also. In case of cold, gargling will ensure that infection will not increase.

  1. If you are giving milk to your child give it hot with 1 spoon of turmeric in it. ( Turmeric has antibacterial properties)
  2. Prepare kadha (Decoction of herbs) with following recipe,

Take 2 cups of water

Add 1 sp of flax seeds (very good for removing cough from lungs)

Add 3 to 4 of black pepper corns (reduces cough and give warm feeling)

Add ½ sp of fenugreek seeds (Antibacterial)

Add ½ sp of jeshthamadh (liquorice) powder

Boil this mixture down to 1 cup. Strain it and let it cool for some time.

You can give it to your child one spoon at a time followed by a pinch of sugar (so they happily take more kadha)

Black pepper being spicy can be avoided for kids. It’s up to you.

  1. One more easiest and quick syrup you can make is,

Take 7 spoons of honey in a container. Add 1 sp of turmeric, ¼th sp of black pepper powder, 1 sp of ginger juice (optional). Mix well. Close the container and use it for a single day only. Give 1 spoon of this mixture after every 1 hour.

  1. Give them steam before sleeping at night. Some people use steamer. I simply boil water in a vessel a little deep (don’t use shallow one as hot water might spill out if shaken by your child). And ask my child to take steam, head covered with a towel.
  2. If it is winter you can give your child a leak proof hot water bag and ask her to warm up by holding it on chest. It loosens the cough in lungs and child gets good night’s sleep

Ear pain in cold and flue

Few children complain about ear pain while they have cold and flu. There can be many reasons for ear pain. But in most of the cases ear pain goes away with cold. If your child complains about it while having cold then there is an old home remedy for this. Take one spoon of any cooking oil, put a crushed garlic clove in it. Heat the oil with garlic clove (don’t let the garlic clove burn). Now let the OIL COOLED DOWN.

Put 1 or 2 drops of this oil in the ear which has pain. Since garlic is antibacterial it treats the ear infection well. Put a cotton ball on top so the oil doesn’t drip on the pillow.

If this doesn’t cure ear pain overnight then you should consult doctor.


Its rest time!!

Let them take lot of rest. Kids taking rest at home sounds impossible or it sound like TV 🙂

Give them interesting books to read or listen to good music, audio stories etc. If they are very young to read on their own then it’s your turn to spend quality time with them…Enjoy!!


Food plays important part in quick healing. Give them fresh, nourishing warm food of their choice. It will make them feel good and less cranky. You can give them warm soups if they don’t want to eat at all. Chicken soup is best when you have cold.

Elders can also follow these tips for their cold and flu.

Note – This article does not cover special cases of allergies. If any child is allergic to any of the ingredient mentioned above then please don’t use it. These medicines are based on Ayurvedic practices from personal experiences.

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