How to Improve Immunity in Children?

 Any change in weather, and children are sick. Children play with other children who are ill, and they catch the diseases. What is the solution we propose? Is it improve immunity in children? We also see many consequences of sickenss of childen. They miss school, sports practice, lose weight and what not. Parents also spend most of the time in taking care of children not feeling well instead of developing them. How do we avoid this frequent sickness of children? Simple answer, increase immunity in children. How to increase immunity of children? Here are few practical tips.

More of Vegetables, Fruits and Healthy Food

It works not only for children but for elders as well. Green vegetables and fresh fruits provide body required minerals. Food items, full of fiber, help to keep digestive system in good condition. Enough amount of vitamins, minerals, and good digestive system contribute to improvement of immunity of children.

I have also seen, daily some amount of coconut water helping children to build their body deficiencies and immunity very effectively. Few parents prefer giving different types of vegetable soups while others prefer regular chicken soup for children. Basically we are giving those nutrients to children that are going to increase their immunity.

Sometimes, we can go for selected fruits/vegetables to target seasonal troubles. E.g. during rainy season, to avoid cold, one can go for those food items that are rich in vitamin C. It helps to develop immunity against these seasonal diseases.

Improve Immunity in Children

Good Sleep and Immunity

This is a universal immunity improver. Good 8-9 hours of sleep throughout the night does help children to keep them healthy and increase immunity. Those children, who sleep less, and late in the night, may fall ill frequently, hence it is good to ask children to go to bed at around 9 PM and let them sleep at least till 6 AM in the morning. We find children happy and fresh throughout the day when they get sound sleep.

Exercise/Physical Activity can Improve Immunity in Children

Children sitting in front of TV or idle throughout the day, feel dull. Also, less of physical activity affects digestion and metabolism of children, which may lead to falling immunity. Hence making children to do more of physical activity, playing on ground will keep their mind fresh, and body fit. Definitely we will see improved immunity.

Open and Fresh Air

Staying continuously in closed environment or artificial environment makes one feel dull. If we go in fresh air, in environment which has more of oxygen, it will not allow those bacteria to grow which require otherwise environment. More of oxygen is a type of treatment for few diseases. It will help to keep children’s immunity high.

Keep Them Happy

If a child is not happy, crying and feeling dull throughout the day, it is going to hamper health condition also. A happy child is going to stay active and subsequently healthy.

Stress Decreases Immunity

This is one of the major causes of drop in immunity of children as well as grownups. If children are stressed, this stress reflects on entire body ecosystem, which stretches body and the immunity system. Children, who are stressed continuously, may fall sick repeatedly.

When children fall sick, it consumes most of their physical gains in past few days, weeks and months. When children are sick, we definitely have to take them through medical treatment. But these tips can help to improve children’s immunity so that they fall sick less number of time. When they are healthy, there is very less impact on their development.

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