Taking Care of A Sick Child

We give vaccines to children for major diseases. But few diseases are bound to occur like seasonal flu, cough, fever etc. We can think of below points while taking care of a child.

Diet for sickness

Since child’s body is fighting with bacteria, she needs mostly energy.  Hence make sure that water and sugar level in child’s body is maintained. Give liquids like some juices. Guava, lemon juices which are full of vitamin c can be the best options. Fresh fruit juices are advisable.  Some children have allergies for fruits, for them it’s better to avoid fruits while sick. Once they are fine and immunity is on track, you can try giving one fruit at a time. While sick, their digestion is lowered, so they tend to eat less. Prepare food they like and make them eat it fresh.


It’s very important thing if child is facing problems like vomiting or diarrhea. Wash child’s cloth with disinfectant and dry them properly, if possible iron them. Wash hands with disinfectant hand wash before eating.


If child is having fever don’t bundle her in warm cloths. Put some comfortable cloths specially cotton clothes. If fever is not there and only cold and cough you may put some warm clothing with sox and cap which covers ears too.

Giving Medicines to Children is a Big Task

As we know most of the medicines should be given after feeding them. Some children tend to vomit as soon as they take medicine, so they vomit whatever we have fed them. Remedy to this can be first give them medicine, wait for 5 minutes and then feed them. If they vomit immediately, we need to repeat the dose, no need to feed again. But make sure we are not waiting for too long, because the stomach should not remain empty after medicine for very long as directed by physician.



Once children feel little better they start playing. Think over this difference between adults and kids, and then you will understand how much stress we take of any sickness. To avoid them from playing rigorous and exhausting games, sit with them and do activities like storytelling, solving puzzles, coloring, playing carom etc.

Build Resistance Power

Prevention is always better than cure. So give some attention to improve their immunity. Healthy food, physical activities, proper sleep will benefit a lot. Food which improves immunity like fruits which are rich in vitamin C, chicken soup, and coconut water are must for your child.


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